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Top-Down Spinnaker / Gennaker Furler G30

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Top-Down Spinnaker Furler NS Furling Gear G30 Top-Down is designed to handle sails with a «soft» luff like asymmetrical spinnakers and gennakers, Code 2-6, reachers, large A-sails etc.

It is imperative to use an anti-torsion stay for the Top-Down furling system to work properly. When you pull an endless control line, the torque cable transfers the rotation to the upper swivel. This way your sail will be furling from the top to the tack, tightly rolling the main girth of a spinnaker. At the same time the top-down swivel on the drum holds the tack of the sail in place preventing its furling until the last moment.

Top-Down furling system makes much easier to hoist and lower your asymmetric spinnaker or tack single handed.

G30 Top-Down furler is a universal set to use for sails with the “soft” or “straight” luffs. If you need to hoist different types of sails it is possible to use one NS Top-Down furler. The tack of Code Zero type sails should can be attached to the jaw of the drum and the tack of A-sails – to the lower swivel.

Gennaker furler G30TD is an analogue to following furlers: NS1.5TD, Selden GX10, Harken Reflex Unit 1, Ronstan Series 120 Top-Down, Facnor Fast FX+ 1500, Karver KSF1 Top-Down, Profurl SpiNex 1.5.

G30TD furler set includes the drum, lower top-down tack swivel and the upper swivel. Top-Down swivel of this set keeps the tack of the sail while you are furling it from top to bottom. We are providing a ready to use 6 mm continuous control line and anti-torsion soft stay kits separately.

G30TD furling system is appropriate for:

  • any sails with the “soft” luff that is 8-10% longer than the distance from halyard exit to the tack attachment point;
  • sail area approx. 80 sq.m | 860 sq.ft or less;
  • control line diameter max 7 mm | 9/32″;
  • thimbles 10 mm | 25/64″ thick with a pin hole of 10 mm | 25/64″;
  • attaching with a 10 mm | 25/64″ shackle;
  • working load of 1’500 kg / 3’305 lbs;
  • boats up to 36 feet.

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